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Something Old……when was the last time you got to sit and draw with coloured pencils?

In my case, it was probably at school…..a long, long time ago….

With the occassional dabble in recent years showing toddlers how to colour in or outside the lines.

I have been very fortunate in recent times to be given pencils that the giver no longer needed.  They have been put to good use by the children at After School Art, working out ideas, card making, and  homework and so on….but up until yesterday I hadn’t given them much more thought.

Laid low the last few days with a debilitating cough/cold I needed something dry, quick and easy to put down  (without making a mess) from shaky hands reaching for yet another tissue…..

out came the pencils,  and ….search for a quick subject matter……an apple a day keeps the doctor away? ….hey presto an idea is hatched.



FIRSTLY, I chose a coloured paper as I usually prefer to paint from a coloured ground. This enables you to lay light colours and use white with interesting effects. (This is a buff cartridge paper from #Tyger in the #GrandeArcade, #Cambridge just £2 for a pad of 30 sheets.)

I sketched out the rough shapes using a reddish pencil, the idea being to draw using the colour of the object/element being drawn.  Then I blocked in some light tones of white and yellow.



NEXT, I began building up the layers of colour, experimenting, as the colours will be affected by the buff of the paper.  Tip..don’t press too hard, you want to do several light layers to enhance depth of colour and tone. If you press too hard initially you will ‘burnish’ the colour, making the area flat and smooth and not able to take more colour.  Save the burnishing for your final layers.
IMG_7218THEN working in the background at same time as moving on to the middle Apple, adding a lot of yellow to show through beneath the top two reds.

I used a purple as the shadow colour, again, soft marks, building up the layers of pigment, paying attention to the effect of the shadow on the green areas and white areas.  I didn’t have an exact green but allowing the buff paper to show through achieved a soft green I was happy with.



third Apple done, and I  worked some more on the table cloth.  I decided to let more of the yellow show through on the first two apples, I may well re visit this.  The first photo at the top of this blog shows where I stopped, the following was about ten minutes earlier.    The pencils used are #Crayola, they are smooth to use, waxy, sharpen to a good point, and glide across the paper.

YOUR TURN, go on, give it a go…coloured pencils are for everyone, why let kids have all the fun….!