Allison Henderson Art | Merry Christmas
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Christmas Stockings Dry point

Merry Christmas

I have always wanted to try dry point so imagine my delight when a compact portable printing press came to my attention….on a Facebook  page, and better still under £100. It wasn’t designed as a printing press but artists are a resourceful bunch and someone had tried it out and shared the results.  So I am now the proud owner of an A4 press and I have been having fun experimenting.  I drew this drypint from a biro sketch I did last year.  It was done quickly as I was keen to get the press working, and it came out better than expected.  I experimented with inking, different colours, different amounts of ink wiped off the plate and so on,  it is immense fun and I expect to be doing more of them in the new year..,,so .Merry Christmas and watch this site in the .New Year.