Allison Henderson Art | Cards for #ToiletTwinning 2017
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Each card was hand finished in silver and gold

Cards for #ToiletTwinning 2017

IMG_6859We had fun at After School Art creating Lino cuts for our #ToiletTwinning cards. We then printed these in a number of ways, directly on to the card, on coloured paper and in different inks. The cutting was difficult and takes practice and not as much force needed as you would think, and safety was key! The print run of 50 sold out and we even had two orders before we had begun, so next year, we will set aside more time to do a larger print run.

Huge thanks to everyone who bought our cards, raising funds for #ToiletTwinning. A charity that helps people around the world with practice skills and resources to build and maintain toilets, an immediate improvement to many people’s lives.